Boys Varsity Volleyball · Steinhart and Freedman play leads Cobras to 2nd win


Tzvi Freedman dives to save a play
Tzvi Freedman dives to save a play

Thursday, March 30, 2017

8:00 PM

YDE Thunder
Rae Kushner Cobras

Game Recap

The play of Gavi Steinhart and Tzvi Freedman help to lead the Cobras Boys volleyball squad to their 2nd win of the season against YDE of Brooklyn. Tzvi’s near perfect day of 13 assists on 47 attemps and 0 errors on sets, help to feed Gavi’s 8 kills on 28 spike attempts. Tzvi also helped the team cause with 4 aces on 16 serves. Sparkling defense by Noam Nissel kept the offense fed against an unprepared YDE crew. Avery Benzekan filled in very well as the middle blocker, muting the YDE offense with 6 blocks for points! Joseph Mandil’s solid play in his first full match play reflects how much the team’s success relies on the Freshman class.

The Cobras started the match winning the first 2 games, dominating with very efficient play allowing YDE to win only 3 points on serve. The 3rd game was much closer as the Cobras gave away points by missing on 6 serves and missing on 9 spikes. The boys showed their determination in facing 2 game points against them, they came back and won in overtime: 24-22.  Now at 2-2 the boys have their sights on moving up the league standings, one match at a time.

Next match: April 20 at Frisch.

  • Spike Kills = 8 Gavi Steinhart, 3 Joseph Mandil/Noam Nissel, 1 Avery Benzaken/Avi Steinberg/Tzvi Freedman
  • Service Aces = 5 Noam Nissel, 4 Tzvi Freedman, 3 Avi Steinberg, 2 Avery Tal Benzekan
  • Setting Assists (setting a ball which preceeded a kill) = 13 Tzvi Freedman, 2 Avery Tal Benzekan, 1 Gavi Steinhart/Noam Nissel
  • Spike attempts = 28 Gavi Steinhart, 14 Joseph Mandil, 12 Avi Steinberg, 8 Avery Benzaken, 7 Noam Nissel, 4 Tzvi Freedman
  • Passes on target = 13 Avi Steinberg, 3 Noam Nissel/Tzvi Freedman, 1 Avery Benzaken/Gavi Steinhart
  • Digs on target = 12 Noam Nissel, 7 Tzvi Freedman, 5 Avery Tal Benzekan, 4 Gavi Steinhart, 3 Avi Steinhart
  • Team serve stats: 14 aces, 12 missed serves, 67 attempts
  • Team Spike stats: 17 kills, 14 errors, 73 attempts.

Box Scores

Rae Kushner Cobras
YDE (Yeshiva Derech Eretz) Thunder